A Day Out In Bakewell


Today my boyfriend had an unexpected day off so we decided to go out for the day since Saturday’s Trip to Whitby did not go according to plan.

I woke up just before my alarm was due to go off, showered and did my hair and make up before getting attempting to wake my boyfriend up. While he was getting himself ready I packed up my camera and got the dogs things ready.

We had agreed last night to drive out to Bakewell in Derbyshire and spend a few hours there, so we loaded the dog into the car, typed the post code into the SATNAV and off we went.

When we arrived we found a car park and a space to pull into, and while my boyfriend got the dog onto the lead and out of the car I went off to pay for a ticket.

We headed into the town centre and had a nice leisurely stroll along the streets, looking in all the shop windows and letting the dog have a good sniff at the other dogs that were also out and about. After a nice stroll we stopped and got a portion of chips each and went to the river side to find a bench so that we could sit and eat them.

After finishing our chips I got my camera out and took a few shots of the Bridge of Locks – If you aren’t familiar with this, Bakewell has a large metal bridge that crosses over the river, and over the years couples who visit the town attach a padlock with either their names or initials engraved into it onto the bridge. Although the majority are now quite rusted it really is a beautiful thing to see.


We walked along the riverbank and back towards the car park whilst I continued to take some pictures of the ducks and swans that were paddling alongside us.


When we reached the car we loaded everything back in and I asked if we could take a quick drive up to Chatsworth House, explaining that I didn’t want to stop as the majority of the site is closed until the end of March.

My boyfriend agreed as he had never been and was interested to see the house and when we arrived on the grounds of the site he remarked on how big and vast the land is and we have agreed to come back again when everything is back open and have a really long walk around.


We arrived home about an hour later and at this point I was freezing and in desperate need of a good ol’ cup of tea.

Which brings us to now, curled up with my laptop on my knee, and my second cup of tea which is likely to be where I will remain until it is time for dinner.

Talk to you soon!

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