Review – Minus 417 Micro Luffa Foaming Gel

Back in January, tucked away inside a GlossyBox was a full size tube of the cleanser I am about to review. I have been using it on and off for a few weeks and think I have used it enough to give a proper review.

Before we start, I just want to say that I have quite dry skin, no matter what products I use, my skin will still feel very dry and is often flakey in places so I need a good exfoliator to get rid of any dead skin cells and to help keep my skin soft and smooth so that my makeup applies nice and evenly.

I don’t have particularly oily skin or acne prone skin (I get the occasional spot), so my skin is typically normal/dry.


What is it?

The product I want to review, the Minus 417 Micro Luffa Foaming Gel is a Gel cleanser with micro beads to help cleanse and exfoliate the skin. It retails for $29 / £22 for 200ml.

The Gel wash is packed full of good stuff for the skin, including, Vitamins A, B, E, F, Luffa Beads, Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Avocado Oil. It claims to remove makeup and exfoliate all in one step, whilst helping skin to glow from within.

How to use?

Apply a thin layer to skin, and gently massage in small circular motions, rinse well.

So what do I think? 

Honestly I quite like this. I think it does a really great job of exfoliating and cleansing, although I will say that I don’t think it really ‘foams’.. As I said in the beginning I have used this a lot and in all the times I have never seen it foam, however I am willing to let that slide because my skin does feel wonderful after using this.

I have never used it alone (I always use my Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Face Wash) so I cannot speak for its ability to remove makeup, but as a daily exfoliator it is very gentle and lovely. It isn’t overly chemically so it doesn’t strip the skin, instead it leave it feeling clean, smooth and hydrated, plus it has a really light fresh scent that isn’t overpowering.

My only other ‘complaint’ I guess you could say is that its quite a runny formula, where as I prefer something thicker that I can control, this just pours out of the tube with no effort or squeezing so sometimes you get too much product.

But apart from the two things that aren’t exactly issues, this is a great product and I would genuinely recommend.

Overall rating?

A solid 4 / 5.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx


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