Review – Chella Eyebrow Cream

Hello, Hello!

Today I wanted to have a break from the “What’s in my..” Series so I’m coming at you all with a review!

The product I want to review is the Chella ‘Tantalising Taupe’ Eyebrow Cream. I initially received this product in the March Birchbox and I was pretty curious about it.


This brow cream is the perfect travel companion because it comes in one tube, and has an angled brush, and the product, plus the middle section is a good size to hold, giving you control of the brush.

The brush is actually a good size and nice quality, which is surprising for a product like this, you know it is a bit “gimmicky”. Its pretty slim allowing you to create precise brows, and fine lines and its easy to maintain control over it. Which is a huge tick in my book.


The actual brow cream itself is housed in the smaller section of the packaging, and is a gorgeous brow cream. Its nice and richly pigmented, but very easy to blend out with a spoolie, meaning you can create nice full brows, without them looking over done. It’s also very long wearing.. I can put this on in the morning (5am) and my brows still look amazing at like 10pm when I finally decide its bedtime, they even last through a nap!

The product itself is amazing and I really love it. However.. There’s always a however..

I have a complaint about this product, and to be honest, it makes me kinda hate this product.

The component that houses the cream is too narrow, and it really bothers me, and because the brush is angled it actually makes the whole situation worse.

Basically when you go to put the brush into the cream, you kinda can’t, you sort of just dip the top, long bristles in and then because you can’t move the brush around to get product on the shorter bristles. This causes you to have way to much product on the longer bristles, like way to much.

So what I like to do it run the brush over the back of my hand, kinda like on each side of the brush, in order to remove some of the product and redistribute it across the whole brush. Once you have done this it’s fine and you can crack on with doing your brows (which will look great) but it feels like an unnecessarily frustrating step.

If I was using a separate brush and pot of cream I would have so much more control over the amount of product and the distribution, because I would be free to dip my brush in at any angle.

In fact if the little pot of cream was just a bit wider then it would be damn near a perfect product. For example –

The white container is the Chella Brow Cream, the grey is the Loreal Brow Pluming Gel

If the actual packaging was the same size as the product on the right it would be ideal!! Its not even as if widening the product would make it any less travel friendly, which I guess is the whole vibe of this product but it would definitely make it more user friendly.

I know it sounds like such a little problem but it’s really frustrating that you can’t really get the brush that they provide, in the product that they provide. You know?!

I wanted to love this, and to be honest, I do, I can’t deny its a good brow cream but at the same time I can’t help just being annoyed by this every time I use it.

Are the results great? No doubt. Is that enough to make me repurchase it? I don’t think it is.

Its a great product, the idea is great, the formula is great, but the packaging, for me at least really lets it down.

So there we have it, my thoughts on the Chella Eyebrow Cream. Have any of you guys tried this? If so, what did you think? Am I being crazy about the narrow component? Let me know in the comments.

Talk to you soon! 
Byee xxx


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