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Easter Weekend – What I Got Up To

Helloo Helloo

Unlike quite a lot of people in the UK, I did not get a ‘long weekend’ over easter, infact I got what we consider to be a short weekend, because I finished work at 11pm on Saturday Night, and am due to be back in work at 6am on Tuesday morning, so as you can see, pretty short weekend, however I think I may have made the most of the short weekend so I wanted to share it with you all!

Easter Sunday had been designated as a lazy day. I had stopped at Tesco after work on Saturday in order to get a few bits so that we didn’t need to do anything on the Sunday, so we started our day with a lay in, followed by a bacon and egg sandwich. As both myself and Ben are big gamers, we both went on the games that we are playing, so Ben loaded up Ark on his computer,and I loaded up Fallout 76 on my Xbox. We played our games for a couple of hours, still talking to each other as we did so, and then we decided to call up Ben’s mum and see if they wanted to join us for a late evening walk with the dogs. I can’t remember if I have mentioned this before but Ben’s mum owns Diesels Mum, and Ben’s sister has Diesel’s Brother so we thought we could make it a family walk and bring all the dogs out.

They agreed to join us so we met up in the car park of our favourite reservoir, and set off on our walk. The dogs loved it, sniffing at everything and anything, making friends with the other dogs out on the walk and just enjoying the late evening sunshine.

I had taken my camera out for the first time in a long time so thought I could include a couple of shots I managed to get


After walking around the reservoir we found a pub with a free outside table and sat down for a pint (I had coke) before heading back to Ben’s parents house for a takeaway and a few games of cards. They play game that I don’t really understand but its a lot of fun. We eventually walked back home just after midnight and decided to put an episode of Our Planet with David Attenborough and both fell asleep on the sofa with about 20 minutes.

We woke up at around 3am and headed off to bed, both of hazy from out extended nap.

We woke the this morning (Easter Monday) and after a quick shower headed back out with the camera, this time to a local nature reserve in hopes of getting in some more practice. As expected by Ben, less so by me, it was packed with people and not so packed with nature, so I only managed to get a couple of shots, all of them of this beautiful Robin who actually came closer to me and almost seemed to pose for me.


After our walk around, we headed to a local shopping outlet in order to get ourselves a coffee since we had completely skipped breakfast this morning. We ended up going into a couple of shops while we were there just to have a look at some of the discounts and stuff. After maybe a half hour, we headed back to the car, and back home.

Since getting home I have managed to get a full load of washing done and into the dryer and now we are waiting to head back up to Ben’s Parents house for a much needed BBQ.

God bless the good weather we are having, it has been a glorious weekend.

Let me know what you have been up to this bank holiday weekend! I’d love to hear about it.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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