Football, Gardening and MOT’s

Hey guys,

Today I want to talk a little bit about what I got up to over the weekend. As you know if you have followed me for a while I get Sunday’s and Monday’s as my contracted days off so these are my ‘weekend’. However this weekend we were on ‘Earlies’ meaning we finished work at 3pm giving us plenty of time on Saturday to enjoy ourselves.

This meant, a trip to the pub to watch Ben’s beloved Leeds play in the first leg of the playoffs. We arrived at the pub just after 4ish, probably closer to half past, I had decided we should get there earlier as its usually quite busy on a Saturday and we wanted to get a table. We managed to get an amazing table that faced both TV’s meaning I could watch one and still be facing Ben, and he could watch the other and still face me. The game was awesome, I’m not the biggest football fan but I do enjoy watching it, and seeing how happy Ben was when Leeds won was amazing. We had several drinks while we were there (I had coke because I was driving us home) and then I nipped to the loo whilst Ben paid the tab. I came out of the loo to see Ben standing there with a very puzzled look on his face “£15” he said as I approached “is that all?!” I responded. We honestly expected it to be much more than that so we were pleasantly surprised.

Sunday started with an early morning drive to my mums house to pick up some gardening supplies – Lawn Mower, Strimmer, shovel. Since I had lived in a flat for nearly 4 years, and then moved to a house with no garden I had never needed gardening things so we had to borrow. We weren’t there long when we got a call from Ben’s dad saying he was coming down in about half an hour meaning we had to shoot off back home.

We arrived home and I went back out to go to Tesco to grab some bits that we needed for the weekend, and Ben stayed home to wait for his dad. When I got back with the shopping Ben was out in the garden and his dad when no where to be seen. I put the shopping away and went to join him.

His dad arrived about an hour later (an hour and a half after he should have been here) and started to show us plans he had for our garden. A couple of hours later and after some pretty intense measuring we had a solid plan for the garden, and then went back to mowing the lawn. After it was mowed and the edges strimmed, Bens dad moved on to removing the Ivy from the fence that that divides the neighbours garden from ours since her Ivy had grown through and Ben and I went out to the front garden to start removing the large over grown and poorly places bushes. After a good few hours the gardens looked much better and are now ready for us to start painting the fences in the back before we start laying the decking down, and we can start laying the membrane and gravel in the front garden to make it a proper parking area for Ben’s car.

Monday was a day reserved for appointments as I had my car booked in for it’s MOT and Service, and Ben had an appointment with a solicitor. We took both cars to the Garage because it was a few towns over from where we live and there’s a shopping centre just around the corner. We dropped my car off at the Garage and they said it would be a few hours, this was not an issue because I knew I would be back in time, We then headed out to grab some lunch before having a steady mooch around the shopping centre for an hour. Ben then dropped me back off at the Garage as his appointment was back near where we live and I sat patiently in the waiting room watching the guys working on my car.

She passed with flying colours, apparently I do 4500 miles a year which is absolutely nothing to a car so shes in really good condition, this surprised me because to me she has issues but they claim her to be fine. The drive home was a breeze and it was like she had a new lease of life to her.

After all out appointments were done we headed out to the shop and I treated my car to a new air freshener for being a good girl and then we got cuddled up on the sofa and started watching the second part to Lord Of The Rings trilogy, pausing it after half an hour so I could make dinner. After dinner we just curled up together on the sofa and enjoyed the rest of the film.. its 3 hours long, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and then we headed off to bed.

Its been one of the more productive weekends we have had in a while and it felt so good to have achieved something!

Next weekend I am hoping we can make more progress with the gardens and potentially finish the front garden! Fingers crossed.

Hope you enjoyed this post, how did you spend your weekend? I’d love to hear about it.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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