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What We Got Up To – 3 Nights In London

Hey Everyone.

If you saw my last post you’ll know I headed off to London for a 3 night stay for my birthday. I arrived home a couple of hours ago and wanted to share with you what we got up to, and some pictures from the trip.

We arrived in London at around 7pm on Tuesday, and after a quick dash on the tube, and a short walk, we arrived at our hotel.


We stayed at the Blakemore Hotel in Bayswater, so we had to get two tubes from Kings Cross to get there. The hotel itself was lovely, the guests on the other hand.. we not quite as nice.

After we had checked in and dropped our bags off in the room, we set off to a local Nando’s, which was about a ten minute walk. It was my first time having Nando’s in the restaurant and I have to admit I wasn’t overly impressed, I prefer how I make it at home, so I don’t think I’ll go again.

After dinner we went back to the hotel and settled in for the night. The next morning was my birthday! We got up, ready and headed off to the tube station to start our day.

I had said that I wanted to go to the British Museum for my birthday, so we got the tube to Tottenham Court Road, and set off walking to the Museum, however when we arrived, we were greatly disappointed.

There people queuing around the entire museum, and I’m not ever exaggerating. Both entrances had a queue and we walked around the building trying to find the end of the line and struggling. I feel this is a good time to point out that it was raining, so we were already wet.

I was starting to get really disheartened so we decided to head off to find some breakfast, we ended up walking all the way back to Soho, in the rain, to a place called The Diner.

I went for the Lumberjack Breakfast, which came with bacon, egg, pancakes and tatertots.


After breakfast we walked back to the British Museum to see if the queue had gone down. Along the way we stopped at New Look and picked up and umbrella, the only one they had was a pink one with avocados on it, but regardless, we bought it.

When we got to the museum we found it queue free so we headed in (word of advice, don’t take a bag! If you have a bag you have to stop and get it searched, but if you go bag free then you just get waved in!) It was amazing. I am a huge geek when it comes to things like that, I studied Archaeology in college so I was super excited to see everything.

After a few hours in the museum, we walked back towards Soho, picked up a slice of cake from Crumbs and Doilies (the store owned by Youtuber Cupcake Jemma) and then walked around London for a little while until it was time for dinner.

I wanted to go to the Hard Rock Cafe so we headed in, and we given a little buzzer to let us know when a table was ready. We walked around the shop and I picked up a hoodie while we waited, and then we headed down stairs to the bar.

We were chatting to the bar tender when the buzzer went off, so we went to the desk to get a table, the very nice lady upgraded us to a booth (we love a booth) and left us to look at the menu.

We ordered our food and it came up in conversation that it was birthday, so after dinner they gave me an icecream with a little candle in it.


I went for the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, Ben had Baby Back Ribs, we also shared some onion rings. It was so, so good.

The next day, we decided to walk down to the Marble Arch, it was about a 20 minute walk from our hotel and the sun was shining. It was a stunning walk that took us though Hyde Park.

We got to the Marble Arch and I stopped to take a few photos.


This lead us onto a day of Touristy Sight Seeing.


We walked from Tottenham Court Road Underground, to Libertys, to Leicester Square, to Buckingham Palace, to Westminster Abbey, across the bridge to the London Eye, across a different bridge to Covent Garden, around the Seven Dials, and back to Leicester Square for dinner.

It was actually an amazing day, we stopped several times to watch the street performers, we stopped at several pubs for drinks along the way, and it was honestly just an amazing day. The weather was gorgeous all day as well, which made a nice change from the constant rain of the day before!

The next day we headed off the tube station to start our journey home. When we arrived back in Yorkshire, Bens mum collected us and took us back to their home for a nice lamb dinner, then we came back to our home for the rest of the evening.

It was the best trip, even with the weather misbehaving. I love London so much, it holds a really special place for me and I just love visiting. So that’s everything we got up to on our trip.

I hope you enjoyed this post guys!

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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